KLI reacts about the institutional irresponsibility of case treatment of suspicious death of Astrit Dehari

KLI reacts about the institutional irresponsibility of case treatment of suspicious death of Astrit Dehari

KLI reacts about the institutional irresponsibility of case treatment of suspicious death of Astrit Dehari

Pristina, 12th November 2016 – Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) expresses deep concern with the suspicious death of Astrit Dehari and case treatment by all institutional levels and onward. Irresponsibility and unprofessional coordination between the institutions in such a sensitive case, it has and is contributing to the creation of situations absolutely unacceptable that would ensure public opinion to develop an independent process, impartial and righteous.

Suspicious death as in case of Astrit Dehari it is not the first one in the correctional system in Kosovo.

Each democratic state must apply minimal standards of person’s care that are deprived from freedom as a result of court procedures. Safety and care of arrested/detained persons or those which are serving sentence in the correction institutions or detention centers is directly obligation and responsibility of state.

KLI estimates that damages caused from the institutional irresponsibility that has led to the suspicious death of Astrit Dehari, and way the case was treated, have complicated the situation, family pain and shocked the public for the truth of suspicious death of Astrit Dehari. KLI estimates that is unacceptable the interpretation tendency of this suspicious death for certain purposes by anyone.

KLI calls to the responsible institutions for developing an independent and adequate investigations that through collection of evidence and testimonies to determine the responsibility of the officials, who whether due to negligence, intent, action or non-action have allowed to come up to suspicious death of Astrit Dehari.

Mentioned case must be treated with urgency and the state institutions must have in disposal all necessary resources to solve this case as soon as possible.

KLI calls for calmness and to wait for the results of an investigation by responsible local authorities regarding the suspicious death case of Astrit Dehari.

KLI requires inviting also the specialized agencies and international independent experts, which will contribute in revealing of truth of this suspicious case. Only in this way will reveal all doubts, for which there were interpretations from all the irresponsibility institutional parts and onward, contributing in obscuring the truth and making pressure over authorities that must investigate the case.

KLI requires responsibility for all those responsible about the suspicious death of Astrit Dehari and also requires fully responsibility for the institutional irresponsibility about the access and treatment of this case after the suspicious death, including irresponsible statements in public of responsible institutions in the chain of justice institutions.

KLI requires holding criminally responsible the irresponsible officials that have issued every confidential information, through the publication of which in any form has endangered the investigation process in this sensitive case of suspicious death.

Obviously in this direction, KLI expresses concern regarding accusations towards the media that issued information’s or recordings about this case. Role of media is to inform the public about the truth and any information that is provided by media it is for the good of public that must be shared.

In this direction, KLI invites the media to respect professional and ethical standards when reporting and congratulates their contribution with the publication of all information’s in the service to find the truth about this case, informing based on the facts and accurate and balanced evidence.

KLI requires urgent steps from the Ministry of Justice, towards suspension of those responsible of the Kosovo Correctional Service in all its connections that have responsibility for security, including local and central level.

KLI from the moment of information of suspicious death of Astrit Dehari, requested institutional responsibility for this case, independent investigation, and professional, righteous and urgently to address the responsibility precisely and to eliminate the possibility of misunderstandings and misuse about this case.