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Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization. To maintain its independence and impartiality, the Institute aims to secure funding from sources that will not be able to influence the policies of the Institute. So far, we have managed to preserve the independence of the Institute. However, it is necessary to continually gain support from contributors who understand that by supporting KLI they will support meaningful initiatives to raise the level of performance of justice system in the country. We believe that this is the only way towards sustainable and complete independence of the Institute.

All those people who appreciate our work and have the opportunity to provide financial support for the Institute, can do so by contacting:


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Work of KLI is subject to external financial audit at the end of each fiscal year, is overseen by the Assembly and is reported to the Board of Directors.

Your contribute will help KLI continue to play a key role in improving many areas of rule of law and access to justice, as we have done in the past and as we continue to do in the present. Find below some examples of the impact of the Institute’s work:

-Rule of law: For three consecutive years, in 2009, 2010 and 2011, Kosovo presidents had pardoned 236 convicts (227 years of imprisonment), including the convicted in trafficking with human beings, repeat-offenders, aggravated murder committers, organized crime members, narcotics dealers, rapers, and corruption convicts. All these people represent a potential danger to society, and to You. Institute is committed to stop this trend and this danger to society. In 2012, after the publication of the Institute’s report on this issue, after meetings held with decision-makers at highest-levels, and after media advocacy, the president of Kosovo has granted pardon to only 15 convicts and has done so in accordance with required criteria. This might be a small step but still we are proud that we are safer now that the earlier trend of pardon has been discontinued

– Independent and accountable judiciary: the Institute is committed to work for having better judges and prosecutors, who will impartially judge all cases in the Republic of Kosovo. Institute is committed to ensuring that wages and treatment of judges and the judicial system in whole is dignified and equal to the treatment offered to the legislative and executive powers, so that we can abolish, once and for all, the extreme subjugation of the judiciary to the Government and Parliament, with the ultimate aim that no one should be above law. Simultaneously, the Institute is strongly committed to work for a responsible system and an effective control of the quality of judicial work.

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