KLI performance and NGO coalition at the Palace of Justice: “Failures in fighting corruption”

Tuesday 6 December, 2016


Pristina, 06 December 2016 – Within the “Week against corruption” together fixing, Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) together with the organizations Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS), GAP institute and Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI), with the support of American Embassy in Kosovo, organized a performance in front of the Palace of Justice for “Failures in fighting corruption”.

Coalition of the NGO during this performance unfold 10 banners, which comprises facts and messages for the fight against corruption based on findings of systematic monitoring of the judiciary system.

“This is one of the activities within the week against corruption organized by the coalition of nongovernmental organization that deal with the rule of law. All this activity and all this week it is supported by the American Embassy in Kosovo. The purpose of this performance is to unfold some of the main findings and main messages for the failures in fight against corruption in Kosovo. For more about these messages will speak sights itself set on banners”, said Betim Musliu executive director of the KLI, part of the NGO coalition.

Musliu said that juridical and prosecutorial system in Kosovo continues to face with numerous trials of corruption which are not treated with priority. “There are unfolding trials of corruption that are still in the prosecution and that are of the year 2011. There are citizen that since year 2002 denounced corruption but these cases were never treated by the Prosecutors. Also corruption cases that is rumored that are treated with priority by the courts are cases that last to be solved up to 11 years, imagine a corruption case lasting 11 years in the judiciary system of Kosovo”.

Musliu said that the politics of the court system and the prosecutorial system to treat with priority the corruption cases are not implemented in practice and through these messages proves that policies are not missing but their implementation is missing in practice. “So we do not have fight against corruption, do not have concrete results and we have this welfare of the citizens of Kosovo that is bad and we lack the European perspective because today we are still isolated”.

“Week against corruption” is joint activity from Kosovo Law Institute (KLI), Cohu, Democracy Plus (D+), Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS), GAP Institute and Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI), in support of American Embassy in Kosovo.