Coalition of NGOs organizes “Anti-Corruption Week 3-9 December 2017”

Friday 6 October, 2017

Llogot e koalicionit anglisht

Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) “Anti-Corruption Week 2017” announces that this year will organize the “Anti-Corruption Week 3-9 December 2017” with the support of the US Embassy in Kosovo, which for the second time supports this activity in an organized manner.

Part of this coalition of non-governmental organizations within the “Anti-Corruption Week 2017″ are: Kosovo Law Institute (KLI), Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS), GAP Institute, Initiative for Progress (INPO), Çohu Organization and KIPRED Institute.

The Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations ” Anti-Corruption Week 2017″ is working closely with all local and international actors in Kosovo to organize the traditional activities under the ” Anti-Corruption Week in Kosovo” in order to raise awareness among stakeholders and the public to increase transparency and ask for accountability for combating corruption in Kosovo.

Unlike last year, within the framework of the “Anti-Corruption Week 3-9 December 2017”, the NGO coalition has planned the organization of activities, in which will be presented concrete cases of corruption and failure to fight corruption from certain individuals and institutions. This week’s dynamics will be filled with conferences, roundtables, and performances by coalition activists, during which will be treated names and concrete cases of those individuals suspected of involvement in corruptive activities, which possess “immunity” or for which cases prosecution bodies have failed to treat them as a result of political influence or interest groups.

As never before, within the framework of the “Anti-Corruption Week 3-9 December 2017”, the coalition of NGOs, on the basis of researches and analysis of specific cases, will require responsibility from the responsible individuals and institutions.

The agenda of the “Anti-Corruption Week 3-9 December 2017” will be made public in the coming days after finalizing with all partner organizations, local and international institutions in Kosovo.


Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations
“Anti-Corruption Week 2017”