KLI organized the conference “Free legal representation in criminal matters and the implementation of the European Court of Human Rights case law”

Pristina, 14 September 2017 – Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) in cooperation with the “Demand for Justice” program, which is realized by National Center for State Courts (NCSC), funded by the US State Department, the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Unit, on Thursday in Pristina, organized the Conference “Free legal representation in criminal matters and implementation […]

KLI reacts to violation of the law by the CEC, requires the removal of certified candidates who have final convicting verdicts and invites the State Prosecutor to investigate the CEC decision-making.

Pristina, 10 September 2017 – The Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) reacts to the Central Election Commission (CEC), which has violated the law by certifying candidates with a criminal past, respectively with final court sentences, who compete for assemblies and mayors in the local elections of 22 October 2017. The KLI estimates that the CEC decision […]

KLI: A Special Prosecution and Court independent on fighting corruption and organized crime

Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) has held a press conference, during which has published the policy analysis “Special Prosecution and Court of the Republic of Kosovo: Analysis of policies and laws regarding political influence in the justice system, lack of results in combating criminality and the need to establish a Special Prosecution office and Court with […]

KLI roundtable: “Corruption in Kosovo: “Catching small fish, while big fish go free”

Pristina, 28 March 2017 – Kosovo Law Institute (KLI), with the support of the British Embassy in Kosovo, on Tuesday, held the roundtable titled “Fighting corruption: Catching small fish, while big fish go free”. In this roundtable, the report was published “Sea of corruption in Kosovo: “Catching small fish, while big fish go free”, as […]

KLI reacts against unlawful decisions of Chief Prosecutor of State and Prosecutorial Council for transferring of prosecutors in Special Prosecution

Kosovo Law Institute reacts against unlawful decisions of state prosecutor Mr. Aleksander Lumezi and prosecutorial council of Kosovo [PSK], about the transfer practice of state prosecutors against the law and rules approved by KPK. On January 6 2017, State Prosecutor with the decision, according to submitted request  by Chief Prosecutor  of Special Prosecutorial  of Republic […]

KLI held training for its staff, organizations of civil society and law students for monitoring of the judicial system

Pristina, 27th January 2017 – Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) with the support of State Department of the United States through the project “Demand for Justice”, on Friday, at KLI offices, held training for monitoring of judiciary system in Kosovo. Training is held for the monitoring practicing staff of KLI, representatives of civil society organizations and law […]

KLI reacts to unlawful decisions of KPC and bad practices of changing regulation from KJC

Pristina, 12 December 2016 – Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) while monitoring the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC) and Kosovo Juridical Council (KJC) has found that even during the month December year 2016, two councils during performance of their functions and activities, have taken decisions that are against basic laws that regulates prosecutorial system and decisions that […]

Supervise the implementation of legislation and policies in fighting of corruption

Pristina, 6th December 2016 Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) within the “Week against corruption” held roundtable titled: “Supervising the implementation of legislation and policies in fighting corruption”. On this roundtable was published preliminary report of monitoring corruption cases in prosecutorial and juridical system, which is referred to three month period July, August, and September 2016. “Week […]

KLI performance and NGO coalition at the Palace of Justice: “Failures in fighting corruption”

Pristina, 06 December 2016 – Within the “Week against corruption” together fixing, Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) together with the organizations Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS), GAP institute and Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI), with the support of American Embassy in Kosovo, organized a performance in front of the Palace of Justice for “Failures in […]

KLI reacts against closure with no reason of court sessions

Pristina, 30th November 2016 – Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) reacts to current practice of closing court sessions through which it is forbidden, limited and censured freedom of expression, freedom of media, civil society and public to be informed and to inform about biggest court cases that comprise public interest. KLI estimates that it is unacceptable […]